We provide services in

  • LPG & NG Reticulated System (Piped Gas)
  • Commercial LPG Installation
  • Industrial LPG Installaton

LPG & NG Reticulated System (Piped Gas)
LPG & NG Reticulated System. (Piped Gas Connection) For Residential & Scheme/Apartment & Bungalows Project.

Commercial LPG & NG Installations
Supply and Installations in Hotels, Canteens, Education & Commercial Laboratory Equipments and Burners for all types of Heating and Cooking Piping Valves Regulators and fitting etc.As per is and OISD Standards.

Industrial LPG & NG Installations.
Supply and Installation of Manifolds, Piping, Regulators and Burners etc. For Powder Coating, Heat Treatment Applications Involving and kind of Heating, Brazing, Torching, Preheating and Industries Ovens.

Design Standards

Deep Gas has its own specialized LPG / NG Pipeline Installation team who ensures proper fitting as per IS and OISD Standards & safety of kitchen environment

Deep Gas System design team works hard over the layout designing of every project in order to ensure practical implementation of equipments in the space provided.

The Concept

The Deep Gas System is part of a vast nationwide network of mostly underground pipelines that deliver LPG / NG. The company operates approximately 200 miles of transmission pipelines and thousands of miles of distribution pipelines.

Transmission pipe carries LPG / NG at high pressures from gate stations - where gas enters the system - to regulator stations, where pressure is reduced for distribution to customers. Pipeline markers indicate the presence, but not the exact location or depth, of transmission pipelines in underground rights-of-way. The markers identify the fuel, operator, and phone numbers to call before digging or excavating. Less than half of Deep Gas System transmission pipe is in high consequence areas, where gas leaks could have greater consequences to health, safety and the environment.


Just pick up a phone, and we are there at your service. We ensure smooth functioning of your product, through assured maintenance visits. Our absolutely genuine spares assurance means that you no longer need to worry over spares!

LPG Pipeline Designing & Installation

LPG is the necessity of every Kitchen.

Ensuring a standardized LPG pipeline in Kitchen is the main objective of Deep Gas Installation team. LPG Pipeline Installation needs an experienced workforce in order to maintain Safety of Kitchen & its equipments.

Branded Pressure Regulator, NRV, Filter, ACO, PG, FBA, SSV, SRV Valves and Other Supporting Components Ensuring the Safety Norms.

  • Estimating the gas consumption of the kitchen equipments at peak load.
  • Visiting the site to determine technical & practical implementation of LPG Pipelines.
  • Creating the detailed CAD layout of pipeline showing all required stations where LPG pipeline will be available in the kitchen.

Recent projects

Browse our recent projects and you will see how we work and what are the technologies we use to build Gas Pipe System with a high quality and profissional ways to present you all what you need, All we aim is to make our customers satisfied and happy with all of our services.