About Us

About Deep Gas System

Family-owned and operated, Deep Gas System manages the process as well as the project. We have developed and maintained a comprehensive engineering practice based on the principles of quality and client satisfaction. Our mission is to provide Solutions for Secure Kitchen Environments. We have been focused on achieving this goal since the firm's inception in 2005.

Deep Gas System offers a broad range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Food Courts, Educational Institutions, Industrial Canteens, Take away outlets, Clubs and other food serving outlets along with Planning, Designing CAD layouts, LPG Gas Pipeline Systems, Exhaust Systems and Facilitates Maintenance & Services. The firm's multidisciplinary approach offers clients comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to their most challenging situations.

Continuously evolving user needs & concerns, and technological discoveries demand that system architectures be open to facilitate change, as well as the exchange of information. Deep Gas System has the experience in systems engineering, and the integration thereof, to enable the successful programming, design, and implementation of specialized Kitchen projects over the country. With both an intuitive and technical understanding of our clients' needs, Deep Gas System offers a results-driven approach to problem-solving.

Deep Gas key markets include

  • LPG & NG Reticulated System (Piped Gas Connection) Residential & Bungalows Project.
  • Natural Gas Pipe Line Installations.
  • Hotels, Canteen & Restaurants.
  • Education & Commercial Laboratory.
  • Food Industries.

Who we Are?

We have always taken effective measure in order to maintain our quality standards. Our team of qualified professionals keep themselves updated about the latest market standards so as to fulfill the customers’ demands. These products and services are undergone stringent quality examinations at definite intervals of time in order to detect the flaws and faults. Owing to our customer-centric approach, reliability of the service offered, trusted vendor-base and prompt delivery of the products and services, we have established a rapport in the industry. All our services are offered in confirmation with the international standards and norms.

What we offer?

LPG cylinders are stored in a cylinders bank at the ground level and the regulators are installed in all the apartments. Special protected devices are installed in Gas bank. The system has multiple pressure regulation stages to supply LPG to user at low pressure and to make the system safer. This system is compatible to piped natural gas after the availability of natural gas in respective cities.

Supply and Installations in Hotels, Canteens, Education & Commercial Laboratory Equipments and Burners for all types of Heating and Cooking Piping Valves Regulators and fitting etc. As per IS and OISD Standards.
Supply and Installation of Manifolds, Piping, Regulators and Burners etc. For Powder Coating, Heat Treatment Applications Involving and kind of Heating, Brazing, Torching, Preheating and Industries Ovens.

What is the LPG Reticulated Systems

  • Reticulated system is supplying LPG through Pipeline network from Centralized Cylinder Bank or Bulk Installation to the Customers Kitchen. The System is Designed Multiple Pressure population Stages to Reach LPG to the Users at Low Pressure to Make It Safer.

      What are its Advantages?
    • 24 Hours Gas Supply at Your Command.
    • Increased Safety In The Kitchen.
    • No Waiting List for New Connection & Refill.
    • No Follow Up With LPG Distributors.
    • No Holiday for Gas Supply.
    • No Entry to Delivery Boy inside the House.
    • No Handling of Children by Elder or Younger Generation.
    • Valuable Space Saving In the Kitchen.
    • Payment as Per Actual Consumption of Gas through Gas Meter.
    • Easy and Effortless Operation with Increased Convenience.
    • Saving Of Time And No Need To Block Money For 1, 2 & 3 Cylinders.